Into the underworld

iceland-2585002_960_720Apologies for my lack of input to my blog recently I believe this is due to the time of year. The darker part of the year my lovely friend and healer Jo refers to as the Persephone path. The time when Persephone retreates into the underworld to spend time with Hades.

Things tend to happen at this time of year that challenge our hearts and souls and we look at it more deeply as we haven’t got as many distractions as we have when we are in the light.
For many this is a time of loss and sadness, of reflecting the year and seeing how we can move on from it. We make resolutions on how to change things.
Our pain helps us grow but we have to release it. Few of us actually achieve that release we bury it under our already toughened walls and let it fester.

Thats when illness occurs, how many people pick up bugs and viruses? They are all forms of our inability to let go of emotions on a vibrational level. But when we bury the feelings deeply that is when we develop more serious illness and pain.

When we make excuses that it was…from an accident…’or this is the reason it happened’ all it is a distraction of us knowing that in energetic medicine this is caused by us blocking our feelings.

I see it and feel it everyday in people and I get great satisfaction from freeing these blockages in my work as a Reiki Master.

When we see illness and pain as atoms, as things that can be broken up and sent out there to form better and more positive things it seems easier than perhaps it is. But it can be done.
This year has been full of great results , healing wise and in the New Year i hope to be doing more researching into other techniques to use alongside and compliment reiki, but I also have my things to release and my trip into the underworld to come out from.
We all have energy to release , however enlightened we think we might be we are all on our own path of learning.

We all need the darkness to bring balance so dont be afraid, value it to help you release what you dont want in life.

Sending love and hugs to help see you through your darkness. May your new year be a good time for you to let it all go.

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