The Story So Far

Often people who turn to healing as a vocation have needed healing in the past

At the age of 17 I was challenged by a gangrenous appendix followed by internal abscesses, which over time left me with abdominal scar tissue. In my mid 20s I developed chronic endometriosis, and had to go for several operations to free organs that had fused together.

Years of hospital treatment and painkilling drugs, which didn’t work (but created different symptoms and more pain), led to me deciding that there must be something more out there.

A chance meeting at a craft fair led me to an Elland-based Holistic Doctor in Herbal medicine called John Ogden, and his wife who was a Nutritionist.

My mum offered to pay for one appointment to have an “MOT”, as the sessions were not affordable for me at that time. After the MOT (which was done by electronic acupuncture) I found that the only thing that wasn’t balanced was my heart .. There was lots of work to do.

A true Healer will always find a way to heal, I asked if there was any way of getting further help. By doing computer work and helping on reception, I managed to pay for my treatment.  I had been told in the hospital that it was impossible to get pregnant; but after 6 months of treatment, I proved the hospital wrong.

Whilst working on reception with John Ogden, I met an NLP practitioner called John Bates. John was studying to be a psychologist and he talked to me about his work; I decided that NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) might help me and I asked if there was anyway I could find out more. John mentioned that he needed some case studies for his psychology studies and asked if I would be interested in volunteering. He also gave me access to his large collection of personal development literature, which opened me up to a much more spiritual pathway.

By thinking differently and attracting people who could help me into my life, I was able to move from being totally immobile, ill, taking many prescription drugs, unhappy and unable to have kids .. to being much healthier, fitter, and totally free from prescription drugs.  I am also the mother of two beautiful children.

This may not be everyone’s path to health; I have found many other avenues on my travels, including Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique).  But this was my personal  journey through my ‘crisis’ point, and it has led to me finding my way both spiritually and physically.  I hope my story gives hope to others.

Many thanks to those involved.




Debra Arnott is a Level 3 Reiki Master, living and working in Marsden, West Yorkshire.  She also teaches Raqs Sharqui (Bellydance) from beginners to advanced – find out more on her ShimmyHipz website

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