Return to the Frontline

By Debra Arnott, Reiki Master.

Energy is shifting, the world is at war and it is time for healing. I believe the way forward is to heal our own trauma so we can become stronger and not be taken in by lies and propaganda.

The more trauma within us the more control we can have exerted upon us, as we release our trauma we release fear and fear is the controlling factor.

I feel that this is where I can be the most useful, over the last year and a half I have witnessed the tragedy unfurl, the propaganda, people set against each other to cause unrest and division. I know in my heart the way to heal the planet or what ever construct it may be, is through connection of consciousness, the coming together of fearless souls and hearts.

Division is easy when people are afraid, our visual differences are seen as challenge when underneath we are of the same structure, waves of frequency.

Our collective fears of race, gender, who does or does not submit to medical dictators and even hair colour, show themselves in our fear of difference. To me non of this makes sense as all it comes down to is a slight difference in coding of the DNA. The fear comes from ego, Someone wants to hurt us, take away our home our lively hood, this then sends us to the place of fear, the adrenaline induced flight or fight space..

A study by Harvard Medical School, indicated that our stressful lives have lead us to be much quicker to respond to stress inducers that are not as life threatening as our bodies were originally used to, so leading to hormonal imbalances, high blood pressure, addictions etc.

Energy wise, this means we are much quicker to bury our trauma so we can cope in the everyday stressful society. As we experience this trauma, which is now much more frequent, we often store it in our electrical field as many of us have lost the skills to deal with it and release it. This can be also due to the fast pace of society, the trauma can build up and stop our energy flow interfering with our connection to universal energy.

Energy work such as Reiki can help to release these blockages. A Reiki Master can work with you to enable you to operate on your energetic system to clear your electrical pathways, sometimes referred to as meridians, so that your energy flows smoothly and your systems’ true power to heal is regained.

My personal way of working is based on my initial training in Usui Reiki and then I use instinctual manipulation of the energy field known in reiki as energy or psychic surgery to dig out the trauma left from challenging life events or even ancestral patterns through a technique I have developed through the activation of the Pineal gland. I am also working with additional sound and colour frequency to support the energy work in certain cases.

As Einstein said ‘Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies’

Thank you for your time in reading this and thank you to my daughter for her lovely picture.

Please contact me if you would like any further information on Reiki Surgery. See my website for value exchange amounts.

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