As the tide turns

Sat in a funeral of a lovely lady I must have only met 4 times but connected in an amazing way as did the small group of lady’s I was sat with that day, I call them the “rebel alliance”, we came together over our thoughts of certain events in the world, but this blog isn’t about that.
As I sat I had a feeling of grief but I had control over my emotions, and listened to the ladys daughter reading words of love from the family. Her voice quite often cracked with grief at those moments I noticed the tears come to my eyes hearing the distress in her voice it was like a hammer to the heart. It did trigger my totally over active mind to start thinking of how we react to sounds, frequencies and vibrations generated by other people.
Masuro Emoto, who I have probably enthused about multiple times, did experiments where he froze water droplets and photographed them with a very high magnification and resolution microscope. The samples of water had been subjected to various experimental things before hand such as the sample jar placed on certain words or the words spoken to it with emotional voice, certain music played to it, some water had even been gathered from ‘holy’ places.
When these droplets were frozen and photographed , the snowflake like crystal would vary in symmetry and beauty which seemed to be affected by the intention or influence on it. Certain ones which were given negative words, or harsh music in certain keys would just be a mis shaped blob.
Samples put over kind, good words, or given good intentions were the most beautiful and symetrical of shapes.
So water is intensly shaped on a cellular level by, the written word, the spoken word, and music. In other words generated frequency of sound and thought.
As we are 60% water that says a lot about what could be going on in our body. What exactly the difference would cause on an energetic level is yet to be established but we know more now about how much information comes to us through frequency and vibration.

So tying up to how a voice can effect emotions, words, spoken or written can effect our cellular structure our emotions and our vibration.
Blessing water in religious practice now has a greater meaning, blessing the food that we eat means we absorb water containing a high frequency.
We all know how a powerful piece of music or an emotional song can bring to us feelings of joy. Anyone familiar with ‘Cymatics’ will see the beautiful symetrical shapes created through frequence it is not hard to imagine these beautiful shapes helping you to higher your vibration.
So imagine a scenario where negative words were directed at you.
There have always been storys of spells and curses that can make a person ill or bring bad luck, is there something in this?.
Many people are in the position of being in an abusive relationship or being the subject of bullys. The power of the word can be catastrophic to the sensitive soul if, of course, you are willing to receive that frequency.
Media is another messenger of negative vibrations and many are tuned in to receive these.
Electro magnetic frequencies such as 4 and 5G can also be used as a transmitter for all types of frequency, and now our whole planet is blanketed in these from the many satellites in space.
So what makes some more susceptable than others to letting the power of word affect their actual level of vibration?

Beliefs about self? Not being able to step out from the victim triangle and take responsibility for self?
Not protecting ones self adequately through self belief.
Lack of self love.
It seems people who have awakened from the dream of life can see it for what it is, maybe they have cleared many of their energy blockages so have a clearer view.
The story goes that once you are cursed you cant do any thing about it until true love comes along to save the day. Love and highest source of light always win through in all the age old storys.
The curse expressed through the mainstream at the moment directed to people that have done nothing wrong apart from protect themselves from harm is wrong and our protection is, not giving the same back,  it is sending our true power if love out to the world to raise the vibration and protect our selves from this lower vibe evil and doing it for all not just the self or ones like you.

To serve mankind and raise the vibration of the planet.

Maybe in an effort to help mankind we could all do one small thing.
Every morning or evening gather your favourite thoughts of kindness  and love and send out to the mass of  cellular water  in body’s all over the world, you do not have to be proficient in Reiki to do this the intention is everything. We can raise the vibration of the world so that the ‘curse’ cannot reach us.
Love and Light ❤

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