Price List

Initial Consultation       £45     

Duration: 1.5 hours

At your first session we will:

  • Establish your needs, discuss your issues, and complete a health record
  • Based on the above, you will then receive a Reiki treatment designed to meet your needs

Follow up sessions

Reiki Surgery     £37

1 Hour.  Deep work to identify and remove emotional/energetic blockages, necessary for the treatment of long term issues/illnesses/conditions

Reiki Chakra Balancing     £27

A gentle 45 minute treatment to relax and harmonise.  Helps with stress and  improves general wellbeing.

Life Path Advice / Reiki Surgery Support    £15

Gives additional support following intensive treatment, to help you get the best results and long term benefits from your session.  30 mins


4 Surgery sessions plus 4 Surgery Support sessions     £180

Flow Therapy – Introductory Offer     £25

A gentle 1-to-1 movement therapy pioneered by Debra Arnott, combining elements of ancient Egyptian dance with mindfulness and Reiki healing.  1 hour

Pet Reiki     from £10

From 15 to 30 mins, depending on the animal’s receptivity. Treatment is given in your own home (within the HD7 area*).  Can help with a variety of conditions eg. recovery from operations, stress/anxiety and emotional issues, recurrent infections etc.  *Other areas by arrangement – please call to discuss.

Energy Clearing for your Home/Premises     £15

Clears any residual energy left by previous occupants, to bring peace and harmony to your home or business premises., within HD7 area*


* – This service is offered in HD7 area.  Other areas by arrangement. Out of area travel is an additional £5. Please call to discuss


January 2019 ~ supercedes all previous price lists

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