These are suggestions of resources I have found helpful on my journey as a Reiki master, and as someone with a deeply personal interest in healing and spiritual/personal development.  I hope you’ll find them interesting.  Please do add your Comments, and also feel free to suggest resources you have found useful.

Books, Websites and Blogs

Louise L. Hay wrote many books during her lifetime, including the inspirational and world famous “You Can Heal Your Life”.

Find out more about her life and work at


Susan Jeffers’ life-changing book  Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway encourages us to find our inner courage and expand our comfort zones.

Find daily affirmations and more inspiration at


Jane Roberts-Frost is the author of The Reality Dance.  Kismet Reiki hosts regular talks by Jane – check the Kismet Reiki Facebook page for upcoming events

In February 1998, Rasha began a profound dialogue with the universal Presence, “Oneness“–the Divinity we all share.  Word for word, she transcribed the principles for a new understanding of the mystery we call “life.” These teachings empower us to take a quantum leap into our own inner depths and totally transform our lives–and our world.  Find out more about Rasha  and her work on her Oneness website


John Gray‘s world famous book Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus has transformed the way we look at communication between the genders.  It’s a fantastic resource for helping us understand each other and build stronger, more communicative relationships.  Find out more about John’s ongoing work at


Well known actor, writer and comedienne Ruby Wax has pursued a distinguished academic career, graduating in psychology at the University of California, Berkeley and gaining a Master’s degree in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University.  She is currently a Visiting Professor in Mental Health Nursing at the University of Surrey.  Her 2017 book A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled is a really accessible introduction to the practice of mindfulness, and contains a 5-week self-study course too.




Fractal Enlightenment – a vast array of articles on spirituality, inspiration, self-actualisation, emotions, chakras, meditation and much much more.


Collective Evolution engages people to think about what it means to be a human on the planet. A grassroots organization created in 2009, Collective Evolution is now a popular alternative media outlet for people to engage in conscious content that expands our everyday way of thinking. 


Thrive Global is the latest project by best-selling author and self development advocate Arianna Huffington.  Thrive Global aims to usher in a new way of being – both in the work place and in our personal lives.  The website is a huge resource of articles on a vast range of subjects, including mindfulness, wellbeing, the importance of sleep, and avoiding emotional burnout.

Films and Other Media

 What The Bleep Do We Know  A great film to learn more about emotional addictions and how they affect us

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