Reiki Flow Therapy

Reiki Flow Therapy

Devised and pioneered by Level 3 Master Debra Arnott of Kismet Reiki

This unique therapy amalgamates movements from Egyptian dance, with Reiki energy and meditation techniques.  It is especially well suited to people with limited mobility, and those who enjoy a gentler, more meditative form of exercise.

Why use Egyptian Dance?

What we now know as Egyptian-style dance has developed over thousands of years; it originated as a way to  support women’s bodies through childbirth, and this ancient wisdom has gradually developed into a dance style still enjoyed by women all over the Arabic world.  The movements are rhythmic and very intuitive, gently working internal muscles throughout the body to strengthen a woman’s core as well as ease aches and pains.

Why Reiki?

Also deeply intuitive, Reiki works to release blockages in energy flow within the body.  You can find out more about Reiki on our Home Page

What happens during a Reiki Flow Therapy session?

Debra uses her knowledge and experience to sense the areas in the body that are most in need of release. She then sends Reiki energy to you, and guides you through the dance or body movements which will most benefit your needs at that time.

As you move, your attention is drawn to how your body is feeling, and the result is a gentle, therapeutic state of mindfulness.

Each session will be slightly different, depending on your individual needs on the day.

You should wear comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. Debra may sometimes touch you to guide your awareness to where you are working (eg. the small of the back), but this is optional.  Debra will demonstrate the movements and work alongside you, adapting the session to your needs.

Session time: 1 hour

You can book Reiki Flow Therapy with Debra on 07769 501032, or by clicking here

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