The Subtle art of denial.

20181115_085820I have decided to write this blog mainly due to my work as a Reiki Master as I have seen subtle signs in peoples chakras that they are convincing themselves things are fine when underneath they still hold massive emotional wounding.
I believe that denial is practiced regularly by most of us , even people who consider themselves enlightened or awake, of course I can’t speak for everyone, i’m sure there are the more disciplined thinkers amongst us but i’m sure that at some point in our lives we have denied the truth we see infront of us, most likely so we don’t have to face the pain acceptance will bring.
That time when we see something we know we shouldn’t do but we do it, then we change our truth to fit the story….next we start to believe it because it fits in so much better. Or it’s easier, or it hurts someone else or ourselves less. The difference between lying and denial is that headspace that convinces us that we are telling the truth. As an example, you are feeling symptoms of an illness but your gut instinct says it’s caused by smoking, you want to smoke, it eases your anxiety and you dont want to give up, some people may just say…’ah its just a bad chest from a cold, il be ok , maybe il cut back a little’ yet your gut is screaming out ‘stop’ there is something inside that just says..I can’t handle that , I will change the truth in my head.
It happens in every part of our lives, not just health, some of us are finding it in politics (aw it’ll be ok it doesn’t really concern us) to animal rights (we are omnivores we can eat that meat even though we know that the life of the animal was brutal, ‘well I wont look too hard into it so in my head they are all running around in fields of grass’.) We can be sheep because it seems easier to follow, and just shut down that little part of our conscious mind that says ‘This is not right’. ‘ I will have to step out of my comfort zone to do that ‘.
It can be a tiny thing or a large thing but we can justify why we make all those choices. Then we subtly change it in our mind so we are in the right.
A break up in a relationship can turn to the fact that it was all THEIR fault because you do not want to be perceived to be a bad person, Often it can just be caused by peoples different perceptions of their own situation.
A person will colour their own story with their own perception. If they have denied something , because of past hurts ,and now see it as truth, then they can justify their feelings. Perhaps that person had a relationship where they got hurt in a particular way. Then they will transpose that hurt onto their current relationship and it creates paranoia. The person may see this but then they subtly deny that it is from an old relationship and it must be happening again. Rational thought can get taken over by emotional trauma. We have an instant denial of truth because of the fear of being hurt again.
Denial is a great get out clause, and it is a great way to feed our repeating patterns of hurt. The scary part is, how easy it is to do. Ok on small subtle things, but when you have responsibility of lives , work in the health care system, or politics. What does this mean to our world if things are not based on truth.
We can start small. We start by noticing our own selves. We can notice how we subtly take the time to change our perception. We can get to a point where we are aware of ourselves more and what we do and say and then the next step will be , we can take responsibility for it instead of looking to others to blame. It will be a very slow transition, many do not want to admit they are dishonest with themselves, never mind others.

But being aware has to be a small step in the right direction.

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